Monday, January 31, 2011

Recent Acquisitions

This dress I found at Forever 21. Then I saw this picture on the website and had to check to see if it was even the same dress! I hate the way it looks here, but I love the way it looks on me. I will have to post a few pictures later, but this was an item I'd have even liked if it was full price at Anthropologie. I see it belted and with boots this time of year!

This top is a recent purchase from Anthropologie. I also got a great pair of linen wide legs there AND a pair of black pants with a really different chiffon decorative waistband that were soooo on sale. This top matches both. The only thing I dislike about this top is the shirttail hem, if worn untucked. I think I've decided I can live with it.

This is a top recently purchased from Forever 21, though I'm not usually a pink kinda girl. I first saw it here, but it sold out quickly online. When my store got it, I nearly lost my 2 year old while I was checking out, but I snapped it up!!

These earrings were a surprise, got-a-package-in-the-mail-woo-hoo! gift from my sweet sister-in-law. Haven't worn them yet but I think they are going to be great for Spring!

What have you bought recently?