Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Movie After Work

It's been just a day or two since my last post... whoops, over a month... perhaps just a tiny bit of catching up to do?  Last week (or maybe the week before? Two weeks ago?? Hmm...), I had dinner with my mom and sister and then we went to see Water for Elephants. I liked the book, so I was *pretty sure* I would hate the movie, since I tend to be one of those annoying people who gets pissed when the movie doesn't follow the book exactly. But, I actually really liked the movie!! Besides having a small crush on Edwa Robert Pattinson, it actually really keeps to the story line and characters from the novel. 

Exhibit A: Work outfit. Keep in mind I wear a lab coat everyday of the world, so tucking in shirts is optional. As is a belt. Plus I hate wearing anything I really like to work, since I am probably just going to get something on it anyway. Wearing a shirt is probably optional; no one would know underneath the ginormous paper lab jacket anyway. Note: I actually always wear a shirt :)

 Exhibit B: Add jacket, roll up pants, change shoes.

Top: J.Crew
Chinos: J.Crew
Jacket: Lucky Brand (no longer on website)
Flats: Old Target
Sandals: Target Mossimo Paz Strappy Heeled Sandals actually pretty comfy too!

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