Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girls Night Out- Outfit of the Day

This is what I wore last night for a girls night. Dinner, drinks and dancing. This is the Forever 21 dress I wrote about earlier.
Dress- Forever 21
Jacket- Forever 21 (old)
Belt- Macy's
Boots- Anthropologie
Earrings- Anthropologie
Bangles- Forever 21


  1. Great outfit! That dress makes me want to venture into F21 more often (:

  2. Found your blog via the anthroholic blog and wanted to tell you that I love your outfit. I let those boots get away from me during Christmas time, and now I am kicking myself!

  3. I also found your blog via Anthroholic and thought you have a very chic sense of style! :) Looking forward to seeing future outfits! (By the way, you've inspired me to recreate your Forever21 dress outfit!) Many thanks!

  4. cute outfit! i love f21 and anthropologie! i hope you had a great time with your girls!

  5. Sassy, try ebay!! There are some on there right now- not sure of your size. And they are cheaper than full price. Might be an option.

    And Elizabeth- I got into F21 all the time. Very rarely come home with anything. It's just like Target for me, have to go in a lot and eventually I will find some great pieces!

  6. this outfit is outfit is more than perfect on a girls night out!!! Love the dress