Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thrifting- Outfit of the Day

Today (after swim class) I went shopping with my mom and son. I was in the market for a vintage fur coat, and a vintage leather jacket if I could find one. 

Here's my first take at this outfit.

Hmm, something not quite right. There, better. Everything goes with these boots. I wear them so much. But I guess I should enjoy it while I can. Spring may be right around the corner.
Jacket: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Top: Old Navy ($9.99- I did actually buy three different prints of this shirt!)
Belt: Macy's (another something I wear 5 days a week)
Jeans: AG via Anthropologie
Boots: Anthropologie
Wingtip maryjanes in first pic: Target

After our shopping trip, I have decided: I am not a great thrifter. I really didn't find too much that caught my eye. Perhaps that's because I live in a smaller-ish town. I'm sure thrift stores in New York and San Fran have much better selections.  Maybe try, try again is the right approach?

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  1. Yes! Certainly try again! For every 5 trips I make, I might come across one or two things I can't live without.