Friday, February 18, 2011


I've been exhausted this week. Can't seen to get enough sleep. Perhaps it's the sitting-in-front-of-the-computer-rather-than-laying-in-bed habit I've had this week after 8pm. It's nice to just do something I like, even if it cuts out on some zzzz's.

I *may* be in a position to be very close to an Anthropologie in the near future and I really don't see too much online that catches my eye. I have a nice giftcard to use and an shirt I may return to find something I'd wear a little more. I did notice this skirt, and it looks like it'd fit well, but... I have a hard time with skirts. I like dresses in the summer (only because I am too old to wear my Abercrombie shorts from 10 years ago-- except that I still wear them to go to the zoo, the park, to play in the neighborhood... ay-yi-yi I really am too old to wear them- and the shorts themselves are too old to be worn out in public) but I don't even have any winter skirts. Except one. That still has the tags on it. I have a few dresses for winter but that's it. I must wear pants to work. And I do like the way other bloggers wear skirts, they just don't really feel like "me"- yet, at least.

I have no photos. If I was truly a rich mom, I'd be showing you the some photos of my new black Chanel flap, my large leather PS1 bag, and my new cute leather jacket. Sigh. I have really enjoyed my blog list here recently; I'm feeling pretty inspired. I definitely wear the same things over and over when I could be more creative. And I have PLENTY to wear in my own closet. And I really admire those doing the 30-for-30. Night-night.

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